Ruby In The Good Light

Ruby Enjoying The Last Sun Of The Day

One thing that you can count on is Ruby sitting in her hole enjoying that last sunlight of the day. I made this photo over a month ago while out enjoying a nice day at the bog. When I arrived at the bog Ruby was nowhere to be found, but like clockwork she appeared just as the sun was making its last appearance in the sky.

A Good Month

This has been a good month for content on the blog. I have not had to scramble for too many photos, and in the middle of winter that is always a good thing. I made this in January on a day when Ruby was on the blog. I wanted to put some time in between the posts, but then things ramped up and it took until today for her to show up. I often have had to use a lot of older photos in the winter months as things slow down for me. This year though I have been very happy with how I have been able to stay pretty current most of the time on here.

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