Photographing College Tennis: Purdue vs. Washington

Photographing College Tennis

Tennis is an interesting sport to photograph. The nature of the sports means that you can make some very usable photos very quickly. Once you make your easy photos you start to try to make something a little more interesting. Then you start to wait for the jube from the players. While photographing this match the player had emoted very well in the other direction. I was not at the tennis center in any official capacity, but the Purdue videographer Morgan was next to me. I thought that the player could have emoted in our direction. The coach then moved just over my shoulder and at the next critical moment I made the photo that I was hoping for. With the player looking at the coach it was pretty much exactly what I had in mind as it looks as if she is looking right into my lens.

More Shutter Drag

This is the time of the year when I really start to drag the shutter a lot. In basketball it always seems like the only way to get something different. In tennis it is fun to try and identify athletes that would make for a good shutter drag photo. You want a player that keeps their head quiet during their swing. This sport is so quick that it really makes things interesting at 1/15th of a second. I personally really enjoy looking at these types of photos as well as making them. By the end of the day about 1/3 of my take ended up being shutter drag photos. Obviously if I was working on the day I wouldn’t spend so much time with it, but when I am just playing around why not sell out and go for it?

More Photos From The Day

Here are a few bonus photos from my hour or so at the tennis center. I had to go pick my little one up from school, and during that time Purdue really made things interesting which would have made for some really good photos.

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