The Purdue Women’s Basketball Pink Game

The Annual Pink Game For Purdue Women’s Basketball

Every year the Purdue women’s team suits up in pink uniforms for one game. The jerseys are auctioned off after the game for charity. I love these jerseys, and I think that they really pop. I would love it if the jerseys were a more regular thing. For some reason I always like the photos from this game more. Purdue easily took care of Illinois in them to last night. Maybe they could just stay for at least one more game?

Having Fun At 1/15th Of A Second

I had a second body ready to make frames at 1/15th of a second last night. Early in the game I picked it up to mess around a little. The pink uniforms have always looked great while panning. What started as a quick test turned into me basically panning for the entire first half. I took some breaks and made some normal photos, but I was having too much fun panning. When you get something good you always see something that could be better so why not just keep panning?

Free Time

When I used to show up at games like this I would worry about putting a gallery together. This year I have let that go most of the time. Every now and then I go in with the gallery mindset, but last night I was just there to make photos. It is such a good feeling to just head into the arena knowing that you really just need one good photo. Once you get that you can just have fun. A photo like the one above would not run anywhere, but it is so much fun making. At the beginning of the year I was having motivation problems. I had nobody to make photos for so I didn’t know what to make. Then I came up with the selfish idea. I was making photos for myself. It was then that I started having some real fun. It is much easier to make photos when they are just for an audience of one.

More Photos From The Game

This is no gallery, but it is a few bonus photos from the night that I like.

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