John In The Snow

One Last Photo

Sunday was a day where I made a ton of photos. I photographed part of a baseball scrimmage, and baseball is the sport where you burn up more memory than any other sport. Then there was an interesting basketball game where the crowd was looking pretty good. When I walked out of Mackey Arena I was feeling pretty good about my photos from the day. When I saw the beautiful snow coming down though I knew that I had one more in me.

The Hobby

Photography really is my hobby. When I used to consider it a business as well I still called it a hobby. You have the photos that you make for money, and the photos that you make for fun. I have always heard photographers talking about needing a hobby outside of photography. I have never needed that. I love photography so much that I always feel the need to make photos. In the show Dexter he talks about his dark passenger. I have always called mine the monster. I have to feed the monster all of the time. If I don’t make photos then it starts to wear on me. After a day like Sunday though the monster was very happy.

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