Baseball…In February…On A Football Field

Photographing Baseball A Little Early

Yesterday I went to the indoor football facility to watch the Purdue baseball team scrimmage. Next week they will be in Texas opening their season. This weekend though the were doing what northern teams do and that is play in something not really meant for baseball. Last week I found myself watching the entire scrimmage on a single cam broadcast. That is how much I needed to see some baseball. Yesterday I was able to get out and make some baseball photos. I had been feeling a little FOMO seeing baseball photos from southern schools. This is not the same as the real thing, but for now it will do. Much like last year I plan on photographing an obscene amount of baseball when it finally comes north. It is fitting that my first baseball post of the year comes today because man do I love baseball. This season cannot start quick enough.

Getting To Move Around A Little

I have grown to really enjoy making basketball photos. The one thing that I don’t like this time of the year though is being stuck in one spot. I like the option of moving if I feel like the photos would be better. Here I could line up things that I wanted in my frame. That makes a huge difference, and I left feeling that I had made some photos instead of taking them.

A Rough Environment

This is not the ideal place to make action photos. The lighting is not the best which makes you really test the limits of your equipment. Part of the fun of photography though is taking those situations and coming up with solutions to the problems. I think that I did what I could yesterday to make the best photos that I could.

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