Doing Some Reflecting

Trying To Find Some Reflections

On Friday night I had a few minutes so I decided to head out to find some reflections on campus. With limited time I had two places that I knew that I would find a reflection. The first must have had some great work by some staff at Purdue because it was dry when I found it. I then drove up to the football facility because I know some places around there where I can make some photos. I have used a few puddles around this building in the past, but on Friday I found another one that I could use. This might be the first reflection photo of this building with snow in it though so I have something new to talk about. Speaking of something new…

A New Tool In The Aresenal

There was a time when I would watch every Apple event and immediately order the new iPhone. Over the last few years though I have just stuck with my iPhone 7. Apps were not updating though, and it was time to move on. My most used camera on a daily basis is my phone so I might as well have the new one. I now have the new iPhone. I should have tested it out at the baseball field earlier Friday night, but I left in such a hurry I did not take my phone. Here with some time I decided to do a side by side test. I made the top photo in the post with my 60mp Sony A7R4, and the photo directly above with the new iPhone. I will say that this was not an easy seen to capture. You have the bright lights of the building and the details that you want to capture in the shadows. The phone did a great job with that. I think that my camera captured more of those details, but in a pinch the iPhone is amazing. Friday night I was out sledding with the little one, and the phone was all that I had. It helped me make some awesome photos, and a very cool video using the cinematic mode. I used to have an iPhone Friday segment on this blog. I liked the idea of using the tool that is in your hands most of the time. I don’t know that we will get back there, but I do have something pretty good now that can help me in situations where I don’t have my camera. I can’t wait to test this out at concerts if they ever start really touring again.

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