The T-Shirt Game

Photographing The Annual T-Shirt Game In Mackey Arena

For years now the first thing that I do when the promotional schedule comes out is to check when the t-shirt game is. Mackey Arena always looks great, but when the crowd is united in their design they look even better. It has been a couple of years since I have been able to photograph this game because of the way that the schedule has worked. The photo above was from the last t-shirt game with the crowd looking very good. Tomorrow I don’t plan on making many action photos in the first half. My goal will be to make as many photos of the stadium as I can from different angles.

Photographing The Empty Arena

Part of the fun of being on the team the last few years was being able to have the arena to myself to make some photos. This year I don’t have that access, but I will try and get in there with as few people as possible to make some photos. The t-shirts give the arena a different look, and for some reason this design made it seem like the crowd was so much closer than they were.

Put Your Shirt On

If you are coming to the game please put your shirt on. They have done some promotional work that even tells you the shirt size and what color your section will be wearing. If an extra large shirt does not fit you please check it out and bring something that will work. It makes things look so much better when you are playing along.

Photos Through The Years

Here are a few of my favorite photos from past t-shirt games. Like I have said before this historically has been my favorite game to photograph, and I can’t wait to see what the design looks like in person this year. The arena just seems more alive this way.

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