Baseball Sunsets

A Beautiful Baseball Sunset

Normally I like to make my baseball sunset photos in season with a game going on. This time of the year though I will take any baseball photo I can make. Last night as the sun was going down I was sitting at the dinner table with the family shortly after finishing. The sky started to look good and I heard a couple of goodbyes as they knew that I was going to take off. I grabbed a camera, lens, and memory card and took off down the road. I did not have much time to get anywhere so I stopped at the ballfields in the neighborhood. We are here a lot so I knew that I would at least have a reflection photo to work with. As I pulled up the sunset was really going off and I knew I had to work quick so I moved right to the water in the parking lot to make my first photo. It was my favorite photo of the night.

When Does Baseball Start?

Last weekend I watched an entire indoor baseball scrimmage that was filmed on one camera behind the plate. That is how desperate I am for baseball right now. As I write this I plan on actually attending an indoor scrimmage this weekend to make photos. That is how desperate I am to make baseball photos. I know that this blog has had a lot of sports photos on it lately, but it would probably have a lot more over the course of the next couple of days.

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