Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Ohio State

Purdue Basketball Takes On Ohio State

Yesterday I was back in Mackey watching Purdue take on Ohio State. I went to the game to try something out pregame. That photo did not turn out so I decided to stay a while and make some basketball photos. During the intro video I made this photo of Trevion Williams that I really liked. As the first half ended I walked down to the other end to put my seat down and realized that there was no space on the floor so I just kept walking and went home. With no outlet for my images it made no sense to stick around. I did have fun while I was there though.

Pregame Fun

I had some fun pregame trying some things out. In 2020 I had a list of images going that I wanted to make. Slowly this year I have been working through that wish list of photos making some that have been brewing for way too long. This one though was a new idea that I had after seeing this warm up routine the week before. Next time I have another idea to try with Trevion.

The Game

The game actually turned out to be a good one. It looked like Purdue was going to run away with things, but they decided to make it interesting for the fans. It took a clutch three with very little time on the clock to get the win. A win is a win though, and a win against a top 25 team in conference is always a good thing.

More Photos From The Game

I did not take much gear to the game. My goal was to be quick, get some images for the blog and then go home. I ended up staying for the entire first half as I was having a good time. Mackey Arena is a special place.  I tried to put a little bit of that into my photos from the half. This is the last post of January. When this month started I was pretty down on how this year was going to go. I worked more this month than the last two of 2021 combined. In the past January has historically been my slowest month so that has to be a good sign.

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