A Snowy Walk Around Lafayette, Indiana

Going For A Morning Walk In The Snow

On Friday morning I had no intention on going for a walk in downtown Lafayette. In fact I was feeling pretty good about my photography for the week, and I planned on having a nice breakfast at home. When I took my daughter to school the conditions seemed as good as they could be for some daytime snokeh. I had my gear ready so I went out to try and make some fun photos. The snow kept up long enough for me to make some images that I really liked. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that you don’t expect.

Trying Something New

Normally I like to make my snokeh photos when it is dark. The snowflakes show up much better when the sky is not too bright. On Thursday that was the case. Even while snowing the sun was still trying to peek through the clouds, and it made it too hard to make photos. Friday morning though was a little darker, and it allowed me to have some fun. In certain parts of downtown Lafayette you really would like to have color images as the buildings look so cool. It was great to make these first two images on the post in color as it showed off just how beautiful downtown Lafayette really is.

More Photos From My Walk

Below are a few bonus photos from my morning walk in downtown Lafayette. With all of the snow coming down I am sure that my hair and beard picked up quite a bit of it, but it was worth the cold to make the photos. When the conditions are right you go out and make some photos. Remember you can purchase a print of any of these images by clicking on it and then pressing the buy option on the website that you are taken to.

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