Gameday Snokeh

A Little Snokeh To Start Gameday

This afternoon Purdue is back at home playing back to back games in Mackey. First the men’s basketball team takes on Northwestern, and then the wrestling team takes on Wisconsin. It is a jam packed day. When I woke up this morning the snow was falling very nicely. Most of the time it was snow that was perfect to make snokeh photos. I took advantage of that and drove up to campus to make a few images. The photo above I made in what I call the corridor. I am sure that it has an official name, but I love how everything funnels you in to Mackey Arena here. This was my favorite photo of the walk. In a few hours I will be back down here to cover the game, but I liked this moment where I was all alone the best.

A Snokeh Panorama

I tried something new this morning that I was not sure was going to work. I love the main entrance to Mackey, but because of how it is jammed in along the street it just never photographs well in my opinion. I should say that I have never found a way to photograph it well. As I stood in front of it I knew that I wanted a photo from here. I decided to try a panorama. I knew it would have a crazy look to it, but if the snokeh would translate over it could be kind of cool. I like this photo because it is a little different from what I normally do.

More Photos From My Walk

I had some fun way too early on a Sunday morning walking around campus today. Here are a few bonus photos from the portion of my walk around Mackey Arena. Over the course of the next couple of days you will have some sports photos to look at on the blog. This is a good start to that little run.

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