Xavier Tennis At Purdue

Xavier Tennis Comes To Purdue

Saturday morning I was back at the Schwartz tennis center making some tennis photos again. It had been almost two years since I was inside of that building. One of my last matches in the building was when Xavier came to town to play Purdue.

Slowing It Down

Two years ago inside of the tennis center I spent some time slowing my shutter speed down to make some photos. I kept getting close to what I had in mind, but I hadn’t found the right athlete to make that photo. On Saturday I did just that. I found a player that when set kept her head fairly still. That allowed me to get down to 1/15th of a second to let the motion of the swing do the work. What resulted was one of my favorite photos of the year so far. I was very pleased with how this one turned out. That doesn’t mean that I stop trying these photos, but it does mean that I have one that I thought worked well.

Using The Flag

I always try and incorporate the flag into my gallery. We take the time before every game to play the anthem so why not get the flag into the gallery somehow? This was a fun image to try and make, and just before the anthem started I was able to get a look back at my camera that made the photo.

Getting Back Out There

This is the second weekend in a row that I have photographed a couple of events. I really love making sports photos. I think that my love helps me make them better as I am not just out there for the paycheck. If you have an event in the area that you need covered let me know. I am available more than likely and willing to make some images at your event.

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