The Return Of The Mute Swans

Finally More Mute Swan Photos

One of my favorite birds to photograph at the Celery Bog back in the day was the mute swans that patrolled the water. For some reason they decided that they didn’t want them anymore so they took care of all of them but one. The one that was left didn’t last very long on its own so the bog has been without mute swans for a while. Every now and then at Prophetstown State Park you can find mute swans again. I went out there Thursday thanks to a friend to photograph these birds again. I found three at the little pond, and they were very okay with me hanging out at the waters edge making photos of them.

More Photos From My Brief Time With The Swans

When I went out to Prophetstown I took my camera and one memory card. If I filled up one 128GB card I was overshooting. Well I did just that. In a half hour I made about 2,000 photos and filled up my card. At the beginning I was so excited to see these birds again that I was just taking photos of them. By the end I calmed down a little and I started making some photos. Those photos from near the end were by far my favorites from the day. Below are a few mute swan photos from my short time at the park that I liked.

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