A #Snokeh Sunset

Snokeh At Sunset

Last night I was just starting dinner when the snow really started to come down. My wife is a saint and said goodbye when I locked eyes with her. I grabbed my pre packed bag just in case and headed out into it. I didn’t know how long it would last so I went down to a park just outside of the neighborhood. These basketball goals have made it onto the blog a few times in the past, but this might be my favorite photo to date of them. My snokeh photos are usually black and white because there is just not a lot of color at night when I am making them. When the sky looks this good though you count your blessings and post a color snokeh photo. We really need more snow during blue hour this year. I may have missed dinner, but I made a photo that I really liked.

Finally Some Snow!

Yesterday my post was all about how we just were not getting any snow. A look at a couple of apps on my phone showed no snow over the next ten days either. Of course we had a couple of pockets of really good snow yesterday. With that in mind you can expect my next post to be all about how a Sony 400mm lens just hasn’t shown up at my door yet.

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