Waiting For A Snowflake

Lafayette At Night

This was not very late at night on a Saturday, but for the most part I had the street to myself around the Lafayette Theater. That is not always the case, but when I am thinking of a photo like this one it works out well for me. This is a location that I have photographed many times in the past so finding a new angle is always fun. This year I hope to do a little more of that around downtown Lafayette.

When Will It Snow?

We really have not had much snow yet this year. I know that many don’t like the stuff, but I love it for photography. If it comes down in the right conditions it can make for great photos. On Saturday night two of my weather apps were saying that snow was on the way. Looking at the radar it looked like it could not miss us. By the time that I made it down to my first photo location the snow heading right for us broke up. I found this lone snowflake on the light post that would have to do for the night.

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