A Bald Eagle Gets Some Lunch

Watching An Eagle Grab Lunch

Yesterday I went down to the Wabash to see what was going on. I was hoping that the ice was forming on the water again, but it had not really gotten too far yet. What I did find was a lot of eagles hanging out. At one point I saw eight at one time. That is always a good thing because getting one eagle into the air usually means that a couple more will join. We are hitting that time of the year when the eagles start to congregate near town. This young eagle found lunch a different way. It flew down into a pack of ducks and stole a fish from a heron. It then quickly fly away to eat its meal. The sky was then full of ducks and herons as it threw everything into a frenzy.

Current Blog Posts

This is the first time since early December that I have written a blog post on the day that it was posted. It has been nice to have a little time with posts. It also allowed me to have some posts set aside for a rainy day. This year I have been trying to get out and make more photos as if I was doing my photo 365 project again. I don’t want the pressure of having to make a photo worth publishing every day, but it is fun to get out and try. Watching eagles fish definitely is worth getting out to make photos of. Below are a couple of bonus photos from yesterday.

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