The First Full Moon Of 2022

The First Full Moon Of The Year

I don’t make resolutions so to speak, but while I am compiling my best of series for the year I am always thinking about things that I could do for the following year. One of those things for this year was to photograph every full moon. I realize that getting it on the actual day is not always possible so I gave myself some wiggle room on each side of being totally full just in case. I had a photo all lined up, but my game went to overtime and I didn’t make it to my spot in time on Sunday night to make the photo that I had in mind. Luckily for me some clouds started rolling in, and it let me do something cool with the moon. In the future my idea is to have something else in the foreground along with the moon.

Moving Forward

For the first eighteen days of the year I have had two posts a day with one of them being a best of post from last year. I really like putting those together as they help me see where I have been so I know where I am going. This year I was a bit more reflective on them than in most years. From here on out though we are focused on 2022. The best of posts will still come this year, but they will be related to things this year.

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