My Favorite Images: Purdue Football vs. Indiana

Some Of My Favorite Images From The Old Oaken Bucket Game

Tomorrow is a fun day. Purdue comes into the game with seven wins with a chance at number eight on the season. It has been a fun year, and to get number eight and the bucket would be a nice way to top off the regular season. I have seen many bucket games over the years. When I first started going to Purdue games as a student I was told that this was the one that I had to see. Over the years I have seen many great wins in person. My view has improved over the years as well as I now get to make photos on the field. The list starts off with an image from my old seat in the stands. After the win I was able to rush the field with the fans to make the photo of Bruce Gaston with the Old Oaken Bucket. It would be a great bookend to my time on the field to be able to make another photo of a Boiler with the trophy. The rest of the photos follow my journey on the field. From that first away game in 2013 to the rainy game in 2019. This will be my last football game of the year. Let’s celebrate together again with our old bucket.

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