Morning With The Owls

Spending The Morning With The Owls

This morning I woke up and spent a couple of hours out in the cold with a couple of owls that were hunting. These short-eared owls found this little field south of town to hang out in. I arrived before the sun rose, and I was lucky enough to make a photo of an owl flying near the sun rising. Just like the other day this is a silhouette, but I like the fact that it is not the normal photo of an owl. Tomorrow I will have a couple of other photos from my morning with the owls. I made too many photos to go through right away though so I thought that I would share my favorite today.

Changing It Up A Bit

Right now I have nothing on the sports schedule after the football game tomorrow. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that having nothing on the books is bad for the sports side of my business. I have spent the last couple of weeks finding other avenues of revenue. I love sports photography, but right now it is not loving me back so I am taking a small break from it. We will see how everything shakes out, but for now I will be out there making photos that I want to make. Mornings like this one make it all worthwhile.

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