A Sunset Dinner

An American Kestrel Grabs A Sunset Dinner

Last night my daughter and I were out on the hunt trying to find some wild turkeys. I had some ideas of where they could be, and I thought that it would make for a good Thanksgiving Day post. My daughter went along on the crazy quest I think just to see a turkey up close. We never saw the turkeys, but we did see this kestrel grab its dinner out of a field. It landed on a post just long enough for a quick photo before flying through the sky. There was a narrow band of color near the bottom of the sky and I was urging the bird to fly through that portion. It did, and I was instantly a happy photographer.

Adjusting On The Fly

In photography you have to learn to think quick and adjust on the fly. Here I had to quickly adjust my settings so that I could get the silhouette that I wanted. This was a cool scenario that I lucked into. The sky just looked amazing in just that little sliver. In post I actually desaturated the image a little because the colors looked too vibrant. I like having problems like that to work through.

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