Check In At The Union Hotel

Check In At The Union

I have not been inside the renovated Union Hotel on campus yet. After making my ISS photo on Saturday night I went down a level and made some long exposures as the cars were going by. One car decided to just drive right through the entrance giving me an interesting photo. One of these days I need to just devote a few weeks to do a black and white study of campus.

Dusting Off The 24-105

The very first lens that I bought when I switched to Sony was the 24-105mm lens. For travel and photowalks it is a great lens that lets me do quite a bit.  Lately I have quit using it for sports. I have been focusing on my primes. For a day like this one though the 24-105 works perfectly. I can still get my wide angle photos, but I have the 105 to drill in a bit more if I need to. It is a lens that is always in my walk around bag.

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