A Truly Golden Hour At Purdue

A Golden Hour View

Last night I went back down to campus to see if an idea that I had the night before would work. This tree was just in peak color, but at night it didn’t show up like it should. I knew that as the sun was going down it would be amazing to look at. Luckily for me I was right and the tree looked great. This is a beautiful campus, and it is always fun to find new ways to showcase that. This was a view that I have never tried before, but I may have to try it again. I got sick and missed a lot of the fall season as far as photos go. I still have a few chances to catch up a bit on what I have missed.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive

Saturday I was down in the dumps. An empty calendar will do that to you. We had a ton of sporting events on campus this weekend, and I had no work. That is not good if you are a business. At some point I decided to stop moping around and to go out and make a photo. That photo was the ISS photo that I posted yesterday. While hunting for the perfect spot to make the photo I stumbled upon the idea that would make the photo for today. Sometimes you just need to get out and make a photo and good things will happen.

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