The International Space Station Over Purdue

The International Space Station Flies Over Purdue

Last night I made a quick trip to the Union garage with an idea in mind. I wanted to try and capture the International Space Station as it flew over campus. With the space station it rarely seems to fly where I think that it will. For some reason I am usually off a little. Here I thought that it might fly over and through my photo about where it did. For once I was somewhat correct in my placement. I will have to try and get out and find a more dynamic way to show this in the next few weeks.

Seeing An Idea Through

After trick or treating on Halloween my daughter and I happened to look up and watch the space station fly over. Right then I decided to try and put it into an interesting frame. Last night seemed like a good pass where I could do just that. A few clouds started coming in so I nearly scrapped the idea. They were not too thick though so I went out to give it a try. I am glad that I did.

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