A Cloudy Night For A Blood Moon

The Blood Moon Is Up There Somewhere

Last night I set my alarm for the middle of the night to see the blood moon in the sky. When I went to bed the sky was full of clouds, but my weather apps assured me that the clouds were moving out. It would be clear by the time the show started. Of course when I woke up the sky was still full of clouds. I still went outside and watched getting an occasional glimpse of the moon through a thin layer of clouds. By the time I could really see the moon it was 45 minutes past the peak of the eclipse. I still like this photo though. It is a little moody, and something called a blood moon should be a little moody. I actually zoomed out to make sure that I could show some of the passing clouds around the moon.

Making The Most Out Of What You Are Given

Last night things were not going according to plan. In photography rarely do things go according to plan. The fun of photography is coming up with ways to make what you are given work. This is a pretty good example of things not working out according to plan, but finding a way to make it work.

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