The Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillar

When The Story Changes

Yesterday I talked about how the story with the monarch caterpillars did not work out for me. One weird thing that happened during that time was this other caterpillar that I had never seen before showing up. I was never really sure what it was, but it was still fun to check out. With my other story not panning out I decided to pivot a little and follow this story. Unfortunately I never found them after they were fully grown. Wherever they went to chrysalis it was far out of sight for me. Once again though it was fun to follow them for a short period of time.

How It Started

This is how I first found this caterpillar. I found them in a pile on a leaf. The monarch caterpillar is solitary, but this one really loved to stay in packs. I don’t know if it helped them at all, but it did make them easy to find from day to day.

How It Ended

Here is how the fully grown caterpillar looked. I thought that they were pretty cool, and I kept trying to work the light and situation to be able to show them off. I never saw them after this stage though so this is where the story ended for me. Below are a few bonus photos from my time with this milkweed tussock moth caterpillar.

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