The Purdue Baseball Halloween Scrimmage

Having A Great Time At Alexander Field

Last night we went out to Alexander Field to see what was going on. The halloween scrimmage looked like a blast in 2019, but I had to work so we couldn’t go. The event was actually supposed to be held tonight which was busy as well, but because of the weather it was moved back a day. I really did not know what to expect when we were on our way, but it sounded like a lot of fun. When we pulled up the parking lot was more packed that I can remember seeing it for a long time. That is always a good thing. The actual scrimmage portion of the day was pretty interesting to watch. You have plays like the one above that are just fun to watch. I can only imagine the play by play guy trying to call the game. Elmo pitched to Pedro who hit the ball and then tried to ride on a bike driven by Napoleon Dynamite. In the background Clark Kent tries to field while a panda runs by him. It was the last play of the night, but had our whole group laughing out loud. Baseball is a sport where the players typically have a lot of fun anyway, but last night it was on a whole new level. I will do my best to find out when this is every year and to clear my schedule for it.

Graham For The Win

The way that this team has embraced Graham Teyema is really something else. If I knew nothing else about these players this would be enough. He has been a big part of fall ball with the team, and it was fun seeing him out on the field last night.

More Photos From The Game

Here are a few extra photos from the game last night. It looks like my weekend plans have fallen through so this may be the last baseball I photograph in 2021. If it is that was a fun way to go out. I didn’t make many photos as I was with my little one, but there were some portions of the night that were too much fun not to photograph. Purdue has there full gallery from the night up here with photos from their photographers.

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