Top Ten Photos From The Harrison Boys Soccer Season

My Ten Favorite Images From The 2021 Harrison Soccer Season

This year I was able to get to a few of the Harrison high school soccer matches.

10. This was a fun moment to capture. Harrison had just beaten their rival West Lafayette in a big match. As I write this it is the only loss that West Lafayette has on the season. The team was excited as they rushed the field after the match to celebrate with each other.

9.  The weather only let me make photos for a very short time at the soccer match at Loeb Stadium, but I was able to make this photo that I really liked.

8. This photo is on the countdown for a couple of reasons. The first is that I like the idea of the coach giving his team instructions during the game. The other reason is that both of these players then entered the game and combined to score a goal. Whatever Coach Clouse told them worked to perfection.

7. With the sky an awesome blue for their regional game at home I made this photo as a player was waiting to sub into the game. It is a simple image, but I liked the patter of blue and orange in it.

6. I love these type of photos during a soccer match. The goalie comes out to challenge the player, and the player goes up to avoid the goalie. It is a quick moment of tension that always leads to a good photo.

5. On senior night I went out to try and make some cool sunset and blue hour photos. Nothing happened near me during that time, but shortly after the sun went down I had a corner kick in my corner and I was able to make this photo.

4. Soccer is actually a pretty brutal sport. The physical nature of it is something that I never realized for a long time. Now I want everyone to know that so I try and show that in my photos. Here two players fight for the ball as the rain comes down.

3. On senior night for Harrison I had this idea for a photo. Things just were not working out for me for most of the night, but late in the first half I was rewarded with the players right where I wanted them on the field with nobody in between us. I liked the idea of showing the press box and the crowd in my photo. It was something different than I have made in the past and I think that is why I liked it so much.

2. During his career Charlie Sharp has made me look good a lot. Here he does so again as he leaps over the West Lafayette goalie just after kicking the ball into the net. The only thing that could have made this play better is if he had sprinted to my side of the field to celebrate instead of the opposite side of the field.

  1. My last photo of the countdown was also made at West Side. As the sun was setting I was having some fun trying to put the players in line with it for some different images. This one was my favorite of those photos. It is a different look, but one that I really like.

So there are my top ten images from a few games with Harrison this year. Each year I say that I will get to more games the following year, and then other work gets in the way. They are a fun team to cover, and I am glad that I was able to get to the games that I attended.



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