Top 10 Photos From The West Lafayette Boys Soccer Season

My 10 Favorite Photos From The 2021 West Lafayette Soccer Season

Tonight West Lafayette plays for the state title. It is cool to walk around town and see the pride for the Red Devils all around. Right now they are the talk of the town, and hopefully they stay that way for a little while. Here are ten images that I liked from this special season for West Lafayette.

10. I went down to photograph the team on a rainy night just because of the rain during their sectional run. You always want a moment that shows off the rain and the way that the stadium lights illuminate it. This was one of those moments.

9. During a season like this one you wonder what the future will hold. When you have true freshman playing a key role on the team you know that the future can be bright.

8. Another photo from the rainy sectional game. I liked the crowd in the background along with the extra care needed to make every cut or movement on the wet turf.

7. The header is an interesting thing. It can be very violent at the same time as it looks very peaceful. This is one of my favorite header photos from this year. You can see the beauty in the sport.

6. A good goal celebration is always a good thing. When the last light of the day is illuminating it the celebration is even better.

5. I made this photo at my first match at the field in years. I don’t know why I never made it down the street, but I had not. Part of why I like this photo so much are all of the athletes in the background from other sports that show up to support the soccer team. I assume that many who can will be there tonight as well.

4. One night just after I had made dinner the sun poked out after a stormy afternoon. The rainbow was something else. I quickly drove up to the athletic complex to see what I could do. I made a football photo and then moved over to soccer where the opening round of sectionals were being played. I didn’t have much time, but I was able to make this photo before the half.

3. I loved this moment. Shortly after this play the Red Devil player scored his third goal of the rainy game. There was not much celebration or emotion there. Here you can see the effort put in to gain control of the ball though.

2. I loved the sky just before the middle round of sectionals. The rain was on the way, and it helped make for an interesting sky. The team getting prepared for battle is always a fun thing, and the sky helped make this even better.

  1. This is what it is all about. The celebration with the trophy. Here they celebrate the sectional win not knowing what was ahead. Tonight they have the chance to celebrate with a much cooler trophy on a bigger stage.


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