Grabbing A Quick Bite

Finding The Moment

I watched this catbird eating for a while without really moving very much. The photos would not have been that great, and I didn’t want to risk it leaving for a photo that I didn’t really like. When it moved into a better position a little closer to me I hoped that my patience would pay off. The bird grabbed a berry in a good spot and then seemed to hold it for a second. I think that it was letting me make my photo. That is what I am telling myself anyway. This was one time where things worked out for me.

When The Weeds Become Cool

Last year I let a couple of these weeds grow in the back yard because the birds seemed to like them. Of course this year a couple of extra ones came up near them. The seed system really works well. I let all of them come up knowing that in the fall I would have some good opportunities for photos. It has worked out for me, and it has made me think about this spring and how I can better use my own backyard for photography.

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