Purdue Football Takes On Wisconsin

BTN Tailgate Visits Purdue

Before the game BTN Tailgate held part of their show on our campus. The last time that they were here they were by Armstrong Hall. This time they picked a great spot in between Mackey and Holloway to have their show. It was a fun atmosphere again before a big game.

It Is Becoming Routine

When you can put your body paint on and just follow the tan lines from where it was before you know that it is becoming routine for you. I love the dedication by our fans.

A Weird Pregame

For some reason nothing was really hitting for me during the pregame on Saturday. I made some decent photos, but none that I really liked. This one was by far my favorite from the day. Usually a bad pregame means a bad game, but I felt that I did alright during the game so things worked out.

Big George

One of the highlights of the game was watching the scoop and score by big George Karlaftis. Normally I don’t show multiple images from one play, but if you score a defensive touchdown you deserve a few frames on the blog. It was a big moment that put Purdue ahead and really got the crowd into the game.

Feel The Payne

Purdue’s other score on the day was this touchdown catch by Payne Durham. It was good having Payne back on the field, and he made his presence known early.

A Good Idea Gone Bad

I had this idea for an image early in the week. With a flyover I wanted to show more of the stadium in my image. As game day drew closer though the cloudy forecast started making me rethink my idea. At some point though with clouds in the sky anything but a photo from straight overhead will not look good so I decided to try it out anyway. The photo has a very monochrome look to it. The planes also did not fly directly over the center of the stadium as well so my idea was just not meant to be. I had visions of them in between the scoreboard and the press box, but maybe I can do this next time.

Thinking Of Tyler

It seemed like memories of Tyler Trent were all over campus on Saturday. The last time that I talked to him in person was at the BTN Tailgate show in front of Armstrong Hal. I made the photo of him there that would end up on the cover of his book. It was also the Hammer Down Cancer game. People had signs all over for Tyler from the pregame show all the way to walking to my car after the game. It really is amazing the impact that he had and continues to have on all of us.

Sarah Griffith Leads Shout

I had no idea who was going to lead ‘Shout’ until I walked down to that corner of the field and saw Sarah Griffith standing there with the microphone. Sarah is in the middle of an amazing season for Purdue, and by the time you read this I hope that she has hoisted the Golden Boot one more time.

The Week In Photos

You can see my favorite photos from last week here. It was a fun week with some volleyball and football. The way that my week worked out I did not get out to make many more public photos. Some weeks are just like that.

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