Lafayette Aviators vs. Danville Dans

Five Nights In A Row With The Lafayette Aviators

The game Saturday night between Lafayette and Danville was my fifth game in as many nights at Loeb Stadium. I love baseball, and my season is coming to an end quickly. I have one more guaranteed game before it is all done. I was going to soak up last week and enjoy as much baseball as I could get in. It was a fun five days with some fun baseball every night. When they come back to town the Aviators will be four wins away from a championship. A trophy presentation would be an amazing way to cap off a very fun baseball season. As I write this they are I believe one win away from clinching home field throughout the playoffs. That would be fun for me as it could mean more baseball.

More Fun At Third

Part of the fun of being in the home dugout is the great view of third. For a lot of the season it seemed like as soon as I would move to find a new angle the play at third would happen. This last homestead I made a few photos at third that I liked. The light was working for me here, and it might be my favorite photo from the week as a result of the light.

Jorge Takes The Mound

I had not seen Jorge take the mound since early in the Aviator season. I have however been in the dugout with Jorge. He really is that guy that makes the games fun. He is something else, and he backs up his talk with what he does on the mound. He capped off his performance on Saturday by striking out the side and strutting off the field.

Rolling Along

Lafayette is on the way to having the best record in the league this year. I think that the best part about that is that they are not relying on one person to do that. They really are a team that can have a different star every night. They also have the confidence to always think that they are in the game. They play very well late, and they love to give their opponents hope only to then take it away.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game. As I said before the next time that I see them play will be the playoffs. This is a fun team during the regular season. I can only imagine how much fun they will be in the playoffs.

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