Lafayette Aviators vs. Terre Haute Rex

Happy Birthday Ace!

Friday night we went down to the Aviators game early to help Ace celebrate his 5th birthday. We heard about the party a few days before, and the little one would not miss it. The best thing about the night for Ace is that he finally won a bunch of the competitions in between innings. It really is hard to believe how fast time flies. The Aviators have been here for five years now. This is a really cool addition to our summer that we are happy for.

A Record Crowd

The crowd Friday night was a club record crowd. It was a record that will probably stand for quite some time….wait a moment. It was broken already on Saturday night. Hopefully a new stadium record will be made again on Thursday when the team comes home for a playoff game.

Speed Kills

Late in the game first baseman Jayson Newman stole second and third. He nearly got home too as part of a double steal. I love these little moments when the game is fun. I had the camera in panning mode at 1/25th of a second and it really helped to show off his speed.

Another Great Slide

On Thursday night Allbry Major had a great slide into third to avoid the tag. On Friday night he did another move that was just as effective to get him into the bag. It is really fun watching these kids show off their talents.

More Photos From The Night

Here is a link to my gallery from the game Friday night. This season is winding down, but the fun making baseball photos still has not gone away.

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