A Quick Summer Walk Around The Celery Bog

Taking A Quick Stroll Through The Celery Bog

I have not been visiting the Celery Bog as much as I used to. When the pandemic hit things changed out there. Photographers started getting territorial and letting their ego get in the way of good photography. When I go out to the Celery Bog it is to relax and to chill out. That is what I love about it. Walking down the trail and seeing photographers arguing is not my idea of relaxation. It is an amazing place with a crazy amount of species that come through each year. I really need to just start going out there more often again. Soon things will pick up and it will be full of wildlife again.

More Photos From My Walk

Below are a few bonus photos from my walk around the bog. I went out at a bad time of day and at a time of year when I didn’t expect to see much. The goal was to go for a nice walk though which is what I did. Any photos that came from the walk were a bonus. It is always amazing to me just how quickly things can change at the bog. Nature is reclaiming some of the areas that were trampled in the past year. The water has come up, and some areas are starting to look like they used to again. Nature is really good at healing itself.

2 Replies to “A Quick Summer Walk Around The Celery Bog”

  1. I enjoyed all of these as usual, Dave. I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed sharing the beauty. On that same note, I haven’t been to the Preserve for quite some time but for me it’s because it’s so hot right now. It’s cooled down a bit, though, so I have to get back again and see what’s changed. I love the posing turtle in that first shot. 🙂


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