Having Some Macro Fun

Having Some Fun With The Macro Lens

The last couple of days I have had some fun making photos of the various smaller creatures around our house. Some of those photos hopefully will show up later on the blog as part of a longer photo story. This bee on our flowers though was fun to capture. The late day light was pretty good and I waited for the bee to land close to me on this good flower. I am sure that I look crazy sitting out in front of the house leaning in close to flowers, but that is by far not the craziest thing I have done for a photo in my front yard…this month. I am sure over the course of the next few days you will see a few more photos with my new lens.

Why A Macro Lens?

The photo above was made yesterday before the macro arrived. I used my 24-105mm lens and banked on the 60mp sensor to allow me to crop into the photo. With the 90mm macro lens I do not have to crop as much. With some smaller creatures that will make a big difference. I am still playing around with it trying to find out what I can get away with as far as aperture goes. I want a shallow depth of field, but with a macro that could be f/11. Some of the fun with this thing is just playing around and seeing what results I get.

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