A Rainbow Over Alexander Field

Finally Making The Rainbow Photo

Last night my daughter and I went out in search of a rainbow. We have done this a few times in the past month or so, and we had not seen a rainbow yet. Last night we were in the Ross Ade Stadium parking lot looking like it would be another bust. As the sun went lower behind the clouds I decided to shift our adventure out to the baseball and softball fields because of the angle of the sun. We would have more options out there. Not long after we parked the car a rainbow appeared high in the sky. I moved over to the third base side of the baseball stadium and made this photo. It makes complete sense to make rainbow photos at a baseball stadium because of how much the number 42 means to both of them. I may have to try this out more in the future.

A Step In The Right Direction

This was not the epic rainbow photo that we went out to make. It is a step in the right direction though. After striking out so many times in the past it was nice to have some success last night. The fun thing about photography that might be maddening in any other profession is that the photo is rarely exactly what you want. The fun part about photography is constantly chasing that perfect photo. When the conditions are right for a rainbow again we will be out there looking for it.

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