An Extra Show On The 4th Of July

Last week I was on a parking garage for a while watching the sun set as we waited for the fireworks. As the light was fading a firetruck came racing by. I quickly recomposed to try and capture the light in my image. I like how it gave a little glow to the bottom of the frame here. I was up there with the photographer from the local paper so we learned pretty quickly that nobody was in danger on the call so it made the photo even better.

Making The Most Of An Outing

When I was up on this parking garage I knew my blog post would be about the fireworks. That was the main goal of the excursion. When you have a blog where you post a photo a day though you learn to make extra photos for days down the road. I have been doing this for nearly ten years so I have learned how to make one good day really count. This was not part of the plan, but the photo was one from that night that was really fun to make.

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