Lafayette Aviators vs. West Virginia Miners Part One

Never Count Out The Aviators

Thursday night was another good example of why you can never count the Aviators out. They were down, and the other team feeling pretty good about themselves. The Aviators then turned it on and won the game. They have become masters at the late game comeback. On Thursday it just seemed inevitable that it would happen. The only question was what inning would it be. When Miguel Rivera hit the three run home run that would be the difference in the game it was a great moment. This is what makes the Aviator games so much fun.

Good And Bad Timing

The photo above is an example of good timing as far as the action goes. It is also a bad example of bad timing on the part of the catch during the game. I was way too far away from the action with an ISO much too high to crop in too far. I cropped in as far as I thought that I could get away with, but my first good look at a diving catch came when it was a little too dark. It was an amazing play that I was happy to be able to document even if it is not the best quality.

Getting To The Game Early

Whenever I write a post about covering any type of sport one of the first things that I will always say is to get to the game early. With things like this though I am not paid to be at the game so I get there when I get there. This was only the second time all season that I was at the game before the National Anthem. I have been walking up to the stadium during the anthem a few times this year, but the only time that I was there for the anthem other than Thursday was on opening day. I love these moments that you can capture before the game.

Good Light At The Finish

The light has been perfect at the end of these games lately. It has been blue hour which with no clouds still lets you see a little golden light at the bottom of the horizon. With some clouds in the sky you get the look that you can see above. I need to keep taking advantage of this light as the season winds down.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game yesterday. As I write this I plan on attending Friday nights game as well so hopefully you will see a gallery from that game on the blog later today.



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