The Common Grackle In The Backyard

The Common Grackle In The Backyard

A lot of people do not like these birds in their backyard, but when the light is right these birds can have a beautiful colorful look to them. They do chase off other birds, but they are just fending for themselves. They didn’t ask to come here you know. The legend is that they were brought here to hang out in Central Park so that people could see more of the birds that Shakespeare wrote about.

Getting Up Close

I have set up an area just outside of my window so that I can get an up close look at some of the birds that come to my backyard. The Sony A1 allows me to get even closer with a little cropping. It is funny how this little series with a few bad photos of birds has morphed into a way for me to make some photo from my house. I can’t wait to see if I can keep improving these photos as time goes on.

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