A Couple Of Innings Of Baseball

Purdue Gets A Couple Of Innings In Before The Rain Comes

Last night I went to Purdue hoping to make a lot of baseball photos. I had the rain gear for the camera if it decided to come down. Before the rain ever hit though lightning was spotted too close to the stadium and the game was called. This is a fun weekend at Alexander Field potentially full of a lot of baseball. As I write this I would guess that the Friday games are up in the air looking at the radar. I really want to watch Trent Johnson in his final appearance as a Boiler so hopefully the rain will allow that sometime this weekend.

Using The Canon 400mm Adapted To Sony

With the threat of rain and the dark skies that would come with that I took my 400mm lens to the game. The Sony 200-600mm lens is fantastic, but at f/6.3 things get dark quickly. I wanted the f/2.8 from my 400mm. The one thing about using that lens though is the fact that there is a delay from when I press the shutter to when the photo is made. At some point I think that I would need to upgrade my lens. It is now 25 years old. It is great that it still works with the new bodies that come out, but at times you can see the limitations. All in all it is amazing though that I can still use it at all. This lens has been amazing to me over the course of the last few years.

When The Weather Gets In The Way

I had a plan for the beginning of the game yesterday. It was to sit on the third base side of the field for two at bats of Mike Bolton.

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