Staring Into Young Eyes

The Young Eyes Of A Great Horned Owlet

This spring we were lucky enough to get to watch two great horned owlets grow up. This owlet decided to leave the nest early and was the talk of the bog for a while. The good news is that they are so good at blending in that even when the were at eye level you could not really find them that easily. Most people would just walk on by while this owlet checked them out.

Turn Around

Often in photography I talk about turning around to see what is behind you. I was looking for this owlet with another photographer when I realized that we were just looking in the section that had been taped off for the owls safety. Of course the owl doesn’t know what the taped area is for so it could travel out of it no problem. As soon as I said this out loud we turned around and the other photographer spotted the owl. It was a pretty tricky move by the owl, but in the end we lucked out and were able to see it.

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