Top Ten Celery Bog Photos April 2021

My Ten Favorite Photos From April 2021 At The Celery Bog

This is a little late, but I wanted to make sure that the pair of owlets were out of the area before posting any photos of them. I did not get out to the bog as much as I would have liked in April. I was extremely busy with my sports work which is always good. I still made some photos that I liked though. Here are my ten favorite from last month. It won’t be long and I will be posting my favorite photos from May.

10. March and April were full of time spent watching these two owlets in the nest. This was a fun treat that lead to some memorable photos. Here they were just chilling in the nest which always makes me feel good because it means that my presence was not bothering them.

9. This great blue heron was very proud of the fish that it caught. It paraded the fish right in front of me before eating it. I really need to head out to the bog more to capture more of my favorite photos to make. Heron fishing can require a lot of patience, but it is worth it when you make a good image of them.

8. This great blue heron was having some fun dancing in front of us one night. Dancing on the water is pretty cool to do so why not do it in front of some photographers?

7. The red winged blackbird usually does not make this type of list. Here though this one was in a great spot that allowed for a cool effect with the out of focus flowers.

6. Last year I lucked out and made some fantastic photos of the great egret. This year I was never lucky enough to get too close to this bird. That will give me a good goal for next year. Here was my favorite photo that I was able to make this spring.

5. The greater yellowlegs is a bird that only shows up for a short period of time every year. Here I saw one in a great spot that allowed me to get down on my belly to make some photos.

4. Warbler season is always a great time of year. This palm warbler was the first warbler that I saw in 2021. The palm may be my favorite to photograph so I am glad that I was able to get a good look at one so early in the year.

3. It seems like every year I make some swallow photos at this stump. I did not head out to the bog to make this  photo, but I am glad that I was able to see it.

2. This was the photo of the day earlier today. It was so cool to finally see one of the owlets at eye level. After looking through a huge lens from a great distance for so long it was great to see one of these guys fairly close.

  1. My favorite photo of the month was this great blue heron getting ready to take down breakfast. This happened right in front of me, and was fun to watch. It is rare for me to see this very close, and this was about as close as I could have been.



2 Replies to “Top Ten Celery Bog Photos April 2021”

  1. Great pics as always. Being on the water as much as I am I can really appreciate your pics. I see cool things all the time but there is no way I have the skill or patience to make the pics that you do.

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