The Return Of The Formerly Uncommon Now Common Again Common Yellowthroat

A Good Day For The Common Yellowthroat

I used to call this bird the uncommon yellowthroat because it was uncommon for me to make a good photo of it. They would hide just out of sight from me and would not come out for a photo. Yesterday I ran into a common yellowthroat just a few feet down the trail and it posed for me on a couple of branches. The light was not the best, but I am glad that I was able to see it up close and make some photos of it.

Posing In Good Light

When I made it down to the water yesterday the cloud cover was still there. The light was not bad, but it could be better. The sun then came out and lit everything up. This common yellowthroat came out to enjoy a few moments in the warming light.

The Female Common Yellowthroat

The female common yellowthroat is seen far less common than the male common yellowthroat. They are usually deeper in the brush making it harder to make a photo of them. Here one popped out long enough for me to make this photo of it on this branch. That is always a win.

More Common Yellowthroat Photos

Here are a few more photos from my day with the yellowthroats yesterday. They were definitely common, and that makes it easier to build a photo gallery of them. They move about so fast that you need many chances with them to make sure that you have some good photos.

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