The Bay-breasted Warbler At The Celery Bog

The Bay-breasted Warbler Returns To The Celery Bog

There are some birds that I am lucky enough to see one day a year. The bay-breasted warbler is one of those birds it seems like. With my schedule this spring I have realized that I may not see a lot of species as I just cannot get out to the bog every day. When you are there on the day that a bird is though it is pretty cool. Hopefully I can have a few more days like this in the next couple of weeks.

Be Friendly

A good rule in life is be friendly with everyone that you come into contact with. That seems to be especially true in birding and bird photography. You can be a jerk and keep info to yourself, but it always seems to pay off to give info to others. I had some info that these birds were down the trail. I told a fantastic birder at the bog the info I was given and we went down the trail together. He heard the birds that were hidden from view when we walked by. Had it just been me I would have walked right on by. His knowledge led to my photos of this bird. If I had not shared the info I had with him he might have found the bird on his own, but I never would have. It always pays off to help others.

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