Birds On The Dead Tree

Checking Out A Familiar Spot

Saturday while walking at the bog I decided to head up the bike path to see what was there. I did not see much, but on the way back I decided to stop at a familiar tree to see what would come to it. It was bare when I walked up, but a tree swallow quickly flew to it. The tree really does not have a bad perch on it so you can make some interesting photos with it.

Stopping By On The Way To The Nest

This tree swallow was building a nest not too far away from me. It actually flew past the nest with its materials to pose on the tree for a second before heading back to the nest. I wondered if it just wanted to be on the blog.

A Robin Crashes The Party

As I was making photos of the tree swallows on the tree this robin flew in and loudly called in my direction. I made a couple of photos and then thanked it. It then flew off. I love these quick encounters. The red winged blackbird below also flew to the tree for just a second to give me a good photo opportunity. In just a few minutes I made photos of three different species on this tree. Just by moving a little bit I was able to make it look like I was in a different spot for each bird as well. One little tree that gives you a few different looks is always a good thing.

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