The Black And White Warbler At The Celery Bog

Finally Getting A Good View Of The Black And White Warbler

I have not been out to the bog much lately, but when I have I kept seeing the back end of the black and white warbler. I saw enough to identify it, but not photograph it. Yesterday morning though that all changed. This black and white warbler was in a spot where I seem to see my first one every year. It posed in a couple of locations for me before moving on. I love it when things work out.

A Weird Weekend

This was supposed to be a full weekend of baseball. That was cancelled. I thought that senior weekend for softball would be on tap, but the games were moved into spots where I had things already scheduled. One thing about photographing little four inch birds is that athletes look much bigger. Making sports photos suddenly seems easy. I will have a chance on Tuesday to see if that is true.

Breaking It Out

I think that for warbler season I may break out certain birds into their own post instead of showing my walks as a whole. I may have multiple post in a day, but I like the idea of having more of a look at one bird at a time.

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