The Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher At The Celery Bog

The Return Of The Angry Bird To The Celery Bog

The blue gray gnatcatcher is an interesting bird because it looks exactly like the angry bird from the game. Saturday while at the bog I had a couple of chances to photograph the bird as it flew near me. The palm warblers kept chasing them out, but not before I was able to make a couple of photos of them that I liked.

The Gnatcatcher Trying To Live Up To Its Name

The Celery Bog is a weird place because it is the only place where I want bugs to be around me. The more little flies that I have to deal with this time of year means that there is more food for the birds. If I find a location that has a lot of birds with a few good perches I will stop. It leads to cool moments like the ones in this post.

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