Ruby Looks For Dinner

Spending More Time With Ruby

Ruby was very active last night looking all over the place. I imagine the yellow colored warblers all around the ground near her hole were pretty enticing. She was looking all over, and a couple of time I thought that she was getting ready to leave the hole to grab something. She never did though. Something up and to her right really caught her attention though and it made for my favorite photograph of the night. This might be my favorite photo of Ruby to date. I have made many photos of her, but I am always looking to make a better photo of her.

Stay On Target!

Last night I really went out to the Celery Bog with warblers in mind. They are only here for a short time, and with some weather moving in this weekend I really don’t know what that means for the warblers that are coming through. I would imagine that tomorrow morning will be really good for warblers if they are flying ahead of the storm. By the time this post goes live I should have already been out to the bog and back. Hopefully I have some images for you to see.

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