Backyard Birding With The Sony Alpha 1

Playing Around With The Sony Alpha 1 At Home

For the last week or so I have been having fun playing around with the Sony Alpha 1. This is an amazing camera that really helps you make better photos everywhere. You have a super fast shutter paired with a 50mp sensor.

Take It Down A Notch

While playing with the camera I have found that I have been making too many photos. If the bird is in motion 30 frames a second can be useful. When it is just perched it is overkill. I have been testing the thing out though so I have been just hammering the shutter to see what it can do. In the future I think that I will adjust my drive a little, but for now it is fun to see just how fast this thing can go. It is like a sports car. You won’t always drive 120 mph, but sometimes it is fun to just see what it can do. Below are a few bonus photos from my backyard.

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