Purdue Softball Defeats Ohio State To Close Out The Weekend Series

Purdue Softball Close Out Another Series With A Win

Sunday Purdue closed out a great series with a 4-2 win over Ohio State. I missed the Friday afternoon game, but the three games I saw showcased a good Purdue team. They got the big hits when they needed them, and they were very exciting to watch. It is hard to believe that Purdue plays their last games at home this weekend against Northwestern.

More Emotion

I love emotion. Softball gives you many chances to capture emotion during a game. Big pitches can give you emotion if you are looking at the right player. Here I tried to use the large P on the wall along with the emotion for a photo that I liked.

A Weird Day

Overall I don’t think that I put a bad gallery together from Sunday’s game, but I really thought that it was my worst game of the weekend. Some of that may be because you have to sell out a lot more on Sunday to make different images. Being relegated to the stands already limits your photography possibilities, but the way the stadium is set up also limits you as well. I need to find a new way to make images here within the current limits of what we are allowed to do.

More Photos From Sunday

Here are my favorite images from Sunday. I have split the gallery out from the main post about the game to get it out more timely. Images from Sunday put out on Wednesday can already start to seem a little stale. With a new game in two days it makes sense to get them out earlier.

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