Purdue Baseball vs. Illinois Game One

An Exciting Game One To The Weekend Series

Last night was a weird night. At one point it started to rain with a threat for much more behind it. Luckily that did not happen. We also had some great light for about a half inning. The bottom of the ninth was also amazing. Three dingers and five runs scored for Purdue had the crowd up on its feet. It was not meant to be though. Two more games left this weekend though to pile up a couple of W’s.

New Walls!

You know that you have photographed somewhere too long when you get excited about new walls. When I walked into Alexander Field though I saw these new more subtle walls in the outfield. Gone was the big blue Big Ten logo replaced with a much more subtle Gold and Black logo for the conference. I probably spent too much time trying to work these new features of the outfield into my gallery last night, but it was a fun challenge.

Inside The Baseball Bubble

I really was not focusing on a bubble photo last night, but as I was lining up opportunities to photograph the new outfield walls this one just happened. I love it when things work out. It is not my best bubble photo of the year, but it fit the theme for the night quite well.

Getting Creative

With no field access this year it has made it harder to change things up. In years past you would go into the stands to change things up. This year of course that it where we are all of the time. At one point I noticed this motion was pretty fluid so I decided to try panning with the pitcher. I don’t know that I ever nailed the photo, but I had a lot of fun trying.

Blue Hour

We just missed a great sunset last night. The clouds just didn’t work out on the horizon at the right time. Blue hour clouds are always good though and here it let me put my 12-24mm lens to work for a couple of minutes.

Breaking Out The 400

As the sun went down I lost the light I need for the 200-600mm lens to work. I ran out to the car in between innings to grab my 400mm lens to use as the game wound down. I am glad that I did as the last inning had some great moments worth capturing.

More Photos From The Game

You can see my full gallery from the game here. As I write this I have no idea how the weekend is going to play out. I may have a game today or I could have two tomorrow. Either way more baseball is on the way.

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